Op-eds and media interviews

The History News Network published my opinion piece July 29, 2018 on how Raymond Loewy’s classic design for Air Force One would be ruined if President Donald Trump followed through with a proposed redesign of the presidential aircraft. Take a look at the op-ed here. The same op-ed was published by the website Rawstory. Read that here. On July 19, radio journalist Martin Bandyke interviewed me for his podcast Under Covers. The 25-minute radio Q&A is available here.

Print Media Mentions.

The Altoona Mirror published a front-page feature on my new book “Streamliner” in the paper’s Sunday Life section. Writer Patt Keith, a former colleague at the Altoona Mirror wrote the story. Interested in the story? Read it here. The Wall Street Journal’s design critic, Ann Landi, recommended my book in a review. Check her review here. The Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine published an article on Skylab referencing my book. read it here.

More media mentions included an essay on Raymond Loewy for Zocalo Public Square, a nonprofit website. Read it here. The essay also was used on the Smithsonian Museum of American History/University of Arizona website, What It Means to be American. Read it here. The Smithsonian magazine also picked up the essay, which can be read here.

Blog Posts

Johns Hopkins University Press offers its authors the opportunity to blog about their writing process or other topics of interest to readers, writers and editors. This entry details the genesis of my idea to write a biography of Raymond Loewy and how that inspiration came to fruition. Read it here. I also wrote a blog post about how I researched and came upon Raymond Loewy’s story. That story can be read here. I’ve also written two blog posts for The Campaign for the America Reader. One is The Page 99 Test and the other is Writers Read: John Wall.